Testimonials | Modern Stainless Steel Railing & Handrail of Cable & Glass


I just love the look and the quality of the design you perfected [and of course the top materials].  It keep the open, contemporary look I love AND provides the support for arthritic knees!  A real wonder.  Thanks for all your help and attention -- you really made it a pleasure.
Eileen - Westbrook, CT
This is a 1960’s Ranch that we completely renovated. We moved the stairwell and opened it up so that the space reads larger while bringing the finishes to the lower landing. Everyone who comes into the house is automatically drawn to the railing system! Quality is outstanding and installation was effortless other than ensuring that it’s all level. Thank you so much for making this so easy to order, being accessible for questions during install and for providing a great product!.
Julie - Scarborough, Maine


When I came to this website, I wasn't sure about my design and what I needed exactly. Talking with the staff, then sending them a scan of a hand drawing facilitated the realization of my project. I am very pleased with my purchase from inline design.
Jerome - Ottawa, Canada


What a find. We really wanted to have modern stairs but couldn't find anything that would work with our interior design until we found this website. It really did the trick. They have perfectly secure stylish stainless steel posts with superior finish.
Carl - Austin, Texas


I was in the process of remodeling my house in order to sell it and am replacing an old wood stair railing. I sent Inline Design pictures of the current stairs with all the measurements. Their experienced staff helped me choose the correct cable railing with all the fittings and connections. I used the information from the instructions section to mount the railing myself. I was able to sell the house few weeks later and my selling pitch was the modern stainless steel railings. This was worth the investment. Thank you!
Stephen – San Francisco, California
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