Stainless Steel Railing Possesses a Long-Lasting Appeal that can be incorporated with Any Array of Materials

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Stainless steel cable railings are great additions to stairways and extended hallways inside homes or commercial buildings. When serving as safety barriers, the assemblies provide guidance for individuals passing up and down the busy sections of the space. Additionally, stainless steel railings possess a long-lasting appeal that can be incorporated with an array of materials, including wood, concrete and brick. This level of versatility makes stainless steel cable railings an ideal choice for different types of projects. 

Tina Kuvadia, an Inline Design customer, completed a home project that effectively displays the functional properties and aesthetically-pleasing qualities of stainless steel cable railings. Using Inline Design’s Seattle Bar System, Tina installed cable railings on several flights of stairs leading to the top floor. On the top floor, the railing assembly smoothly transitioned to serve as safety boundaries on both sides of a narrow hallway. With the residential space minimally decorated, the stainless steel cable railing’s sleek features help balance the earthy tones of the surrounding area.

Tina’s home project used the following Inline Design products:

  • 36” Stainless steel square bar posts (with bar holders)
  • Stainless steel square-bar post kit
  • Stainless steel square-tube bars
  • Stainless steel post covers (slim)
  • Stainless steel bar holders
  • Stainless steel end caps

Starting with the stairs, stainless steel cable end posts were installed at the base of each section. At extended sections of the stairs, mid posts were setup for additional support. Stainless steel corner posts were also installed at every turn, as the stairway featured a ridged, spiral-like flow. All posts incorporated slim post covers, which protects the components and reinforces the overall sturdiness of the assembly. The infills of the cable railing utilized angled stainless steel bars (total of seven horizontal bars per section). Square bar holders were used along lengthy sections of the cable railing. Finally, stainless steel square-bar top rails with end caps were installed on the system, held up by the end and corner posts. 

At the top floor, cable railings serve as boundaries on both sides along a narrow hallway. The end and mid stainless steel square posts were directly mounted on the floor (and protected with slim post covers). Transparent spacing between the square-bar infills help promote openness in this section of the home. For this section, a total of nine horizontal bars were applied to the cable railings along the hallway. The railings transitioning from the stairway to the top floor contains seven horizontal bars. In order to maintain fluidity in the design of the cable railing system, the same type of stainless steel square-bar top rails used at the stairs were installed on the top floor. The ends of the top rails were mounted to the wall and protected by slim covers.

Tina’s home project was a huge success. In addition to homes, this type of cable railing system can also be installed in commercial buildings, offices, lobbies, outdoor balconies and decks, public locations and more. Inline Design offers a myriad of stainless steel railing assemblies that are capable of accommodating different types of indoor and outdoor spaces. View the company’s cable railing gallery today to see photos of successful installations and gather ideas for your next railing project.

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