Modern Stair Railing Designs To Transform Your Interiors

Stair railing has often been considered a safety feature that lacks any personality. However, in recent years, stairs have become a significant feature in modern interior design. A staircase helps to create a focal point in a home, and there are many ways that unique design can be achieved in this space.

Depending on the décor and themes in your property, stair railing can be matched to fit your interior concepts or juxtaposed for a statement look. Experimenting with ideas can add your own sense of style to this functional space. Plus, you can incorporate traditional, contemporary or out of the box architectural aspects to bring this area to life.

You don’t have to just stick to one type of material for your stair railing either. Mixing it up and adding texture can harmonize your staircase with the rest of your design ideas.

If you’re looking to transform your interior space and add a signature look to your home, check out these top stair railing designs to inspire your next renovation project.

stairs railing glass

Glass railing

For a chic and ultra-modern aesthetic for your property, glass railing is a top choice. Opting for crystal clear panels lets light flood into the space and offers a minimalist feel. Glass stair railing also works perfectly with metal mounting points, and this adds an industrial edge to the design.


Benefits of glass stair railing in your home:

  • Creates a light and airy ambiance
  • Creates the illusion of space
  • Pairs perfectly with minimalist, contemporary and industrial interior design
  • Complements under-stair lighting

handrail glass railing

Curved staircases

If you’re looking to create a stunning centerpiece in your home, a spiral staircase certainly catches the eye. It may not be the most practical design for many properties, but it can transform the look and design aspects of a room. Spiral stair railing can be crafted in different materials depending on your tastes. Popular options include opulent wood structures and industrial metal fittings.

handrail bracket

Benefits of curved stair railing in your home:

  • Adds a focal point in any room
  • Materials can be matched to your room aesthetic
  • Compact staircase option for smaller spaces

Cable stair railing

Cable railing is a popular option for properties that are looking to create a stylish interior space. This modern design works well with a host of other materials to add depth and texture to your staircase. Cable railing complements both traditional properties and modern homes, plus offers smaller areas an open and airy atmosphere.


bar railing stairs

Benefits of cable stair railing in your home:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Creates the illusion of space
  • Can be used with different materials, i.e. wood and metal
  • Perfect for interior and exterior spaces

Ornamental design

Intricate design is often a feature of traditional properties. However, modern homes can take advantage of this unique design element too. Stair railing is created using water jet-cut metal, which is formed into designs based on your tastes and interior themes. This high-tech metalwork also complements wooden staircases to add texture to this focal point.

Benefits of ornamental stair railing in your home:

  • Designs based on individual tastes
  • Creates an eye-catching focal point in a room
  • Complements other materials for added interest
  • Creates unique light patterns in your interior space

Wood staircases

Wooden stair rails are an affordable and versatile way to update your interior space. In modern properties, you can mix up the design of this traditional material to incorporate other elements or crafted panels. Wood staircases work well with glass and cable railing in contemporary settings and allow light to flow freely to add warmth and light to a room.


modern stairs railing glass

Benefits of wood stair railing in your home:

  • Choice of wood to match color schemes, i.e. oak, cedar, and pine.
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Can be paired with other materials such as glass panels and cable railing
  • Ideal for family homes

cable railing modern stairs handrail

Forged iron railings

Iron stair rails are often considered an exterior feature to a property. However, they also create a statement look in modern interior design. This simple yet elegant style provides a timeless look and works beautifully with minimalist décor. Iron railings also look beautiful with ornate stair handrails and brackets to complement the overall design.

Benefits of iron stair railings in your home:

  • Complement both modern and traditional interior themes
  • Subtle ornate features can be added to create a focal point
  • Classic colors complement neutral décor
  • Easy to maintain and hardy composite

Staircases can be designed to complement the overall aesthetics in your home and add a wow factor to your interior features. These are just a few examples of the ways that you can infuse texture, warmth, and style into your home with different materials for your next renovation project.


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