Ways To Combine Safety And Style For Exterior Stairs Design

One of the most critical aspects of exterior stairs design is safety. If a property has split-level features and enables individuals to access above ground-level floors, the type of guardrail and railing used is an essential part of the style and design. With this in mind, safety doesn’t have to mean uninspiring design or generic style when planning your exterior areas either, and there is a host of ways to combine both elements into your finished look.

The type of material used is also a distinguishing factor in how this space will look against your exterior themes, plus you may also require a stairs design that is easy to maintain in all seasons. Whatever your requirements, take a look at simple ways to incorporate both safety and style into your outdoor space.

stairs railing cable

Vertical railing

This style of railing is a popular choice for contemporary spaces. Its clean-cut design offers both impressive aesthetics and ensures safety with sturdy steel railing. The design creates an angular look, and from different viewpoints, it showcases a myriad of effects that complement a modern property.

Cable railing

If you’re looking for an unobtrusive railing design that offers an element of safety, cable railing is an ideal option. Its simple design minimizes the appearance of a solid rail and blends beautifully into the surroundings to offer a modern and contemporary vibe. This stair railing option is also perfect for transitioning into other exterior areas such as balconies and terrace spaces, as its design reduces interruption with your surroundings.

stair wire railing

Glass railing

For the ultimate in unobstructed aesthetics, glass railing is a top choice. Its clear and clean look is ideal for modern and contemporary properties, plus it provides a subtle but sturdy safety aspect for stair and terrace design. Choosing tempered glass is also essential for exterior areas as this will help to hold the glass in place should any accidents happen. You can also pair this look with a sleek guardrail to complete the finish.

stair railing

Solid design

For something a little different and art-inspired, choosing a guardrail made from solid wood or metal is a unique option. To bring interest to this feature, designing a rail with patterned cuts offers a tailored aspect to the design, and these small segments break up the robust appearance of the material to create exciting pockets of light and decoration.

deck seating staircase

Metal balusters

If you’re looking for something ornate, then incorporating curved metal balusters into your stairs design provides a touch of style without overpowering the space. This style of baluster looks perfect with traditionally styled properties and adds character to a property.

Lighting elements

cable railing staircase

Another way to bring a stylish safety aspect into your stairs design is lighting. Subtle features in and along the guardrail or on the posts can create chic effects during low light and evening periods. Lighting can create a distinctive decorative feature and also offers a warming and inviting ambiance to your property. This concept also provides an element of safety when using the staircase and helps to prevent accidents in low-light situations.

Choosing durable materials

Exterior stairs endure different weather conditions and are used on a regular basis, so choosing the best materials to withstand this general wear and tear is essential for keeping the area well maintained and safe to use. There is a selection of fashionable options to consider including metal, wood, and concrete, which provide a tough and sturdy stair construction. Selecting materials that are resistant to corrosion, UV effects and general water damage is also a factor to consider for the longevity of your design. These features also help to prevent weak spots in construction, which could lead to safety issues.

When designing exterior stairs, raised decked areas and terraces, safety is a defining feature in its initial concept. There are several styles that can be worked fluidly with this aspect to ensure there is adequate protection and visual appeal for homeowners. By considering both safety and style, you will have peace of mind plus a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.

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