Fascia mounted cable and glass railing systems

cable railing fascia systems

Fascia mounted cable and glass railing systems are perfect for exterior decks and can even be installed on your own. The cable and glass options allow you to accomplish an uninhibited view because of their practically invisible appearance.

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The fascia mounting option allows you to maximize the square footage on the deck because the post is actually mounted on the side of the deck as opposed to the surface. This is a perfect space saver for small balconies and decks.

Using a fascia mounting style posts is also a great alternative for floor mounting posts if the decking surface is not suitable to mount to or will not support the load of the posts. The slender face mount plates also add to the low profile facade.

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The square bases on the fascia posts are very minimal and will mount to a very small area. Special care should be taken prior to ordering or installation to be sure your deck will allow fascia post mounting. Also, measure carefully to ensure the posts will not intersect the nosing of the deck surface.

With fascia or side mount posts, there is no concern for what is below the deck or thickness of the deck surface, since the posts will be mounted to the side of the decking which is almost always much thicker. When installing the fascia posts it is ideal to thru-bolt the base plate with large lag bolts and nuts if possible. Otherwise, large lag screws will suffice.

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Fascia posts can be mounted into virtually any surface, including wood, concrete, brick and many others. There are lag bolt anchors available that will allow the posts to fasten to almost anything. This is a great solution for homes or businesses with concrete patios or decks.

The fascia style posts can be used with any of the infill options that are available. Common applications are cable and glass. A cable system will give a more industrial modern styling. If you want the clearest, most uninhibited view then tempered glass is the best option.

The top rail is requisite with a cable system. The glass systems are also adaptable to use a top rail as well. The top rail helps with additional stability and support on the cable systems. A top rail on a glass system offers a good arm-rest and will frame the glass panels nicely.

Fascia or face mounted stainless steel railings and handrails are a perfect solution for making space and creating a barrier on your deck or balcony. For more information on end-to-end fascia mounted railing solutions please visit us at inlinedesign.us.


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