Installing San Francisco Cable Tensioners

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Below are instructions for installing the San Francisco cable tensioners.

*Caution: Wear protective ANSI approved safety glass, working gloves and breathing mask all the times. 

Tools Needed

2.5mm Allen Wrench 

Installation Instructions

1) Disassemble tensioner 

2) Undo the 4 allen screws of the front part of the tensioner using your 2.5mm Allen wrench 

3)  Insert the cable then tighten the 4 allen screws of the front part of the tensioner 

4)  Undo the LOCK allen screw of the back part. The function of the allen screw is to lock the tensioner 

5)  While holding the front of the tensioner tighten the back using the other hand. Do not turn the front part of the tensioner, you want to twist the back part only.

6) Tighten the LOCK allen screw from the back of thet ensioner in order to lock the tensioner from loosening