Stainless Steel Flush Angle Square Adjustable

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  • Flush angel adjustable squ
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Stainless Steel Flush Angle Square Adjustable
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Stainless Steel Flush Angle Adjustable used as an adjustable elbow joiner for connecting square tubing of size 1.57" (40mm) of gauge 12 (2.6mm thickness).

  • Designed for a flush fitting to provide you with a simple and neat way to join tubes together at an adjustable angle
  • The finish is Brushed/Satin Stainless Steel. It is of similar finish to any stainless steel appliance that you might have in your house
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316 marine grade suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Installation is quick and easy, simply glue the ends with a high strength epoxy glue (i.e. JBWeld) and insert into your tube and leave to set



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