Square Fascia Mount Stair Upper Inside Corner Turn Cable Railing Post

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Square Fascia Mount Stair Upper Inside Corner Turn Cable Railing Post
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**This post requires custom work**

Stairs are often specific projects with unique dimensions and structure. Therefore, we recommend sending an email to sales (sales@inlinedesign.us) with pictures, plans, or drawings of your project with measurements to ensure we understand exactly what is needed.  For more information about required information, refer to this Stairs Details page.  For this post, we also need to know which direction, left or right, this post turns. 

The Stainless Steel Railing Systems Square Fascia Mount Stair Upper Inside Corner Turn Post is a piece of our Miami Square cable stair railing system.  This post will terminate a span of cable on stairs, and act as the tensioner post for a flat run of cable on the landing on the side. Included in this item is 1 pre-drilled stainless steel post with inside corner fascia flange, 18 eye bolts, 8 swageless terminals, 10 swageless tensioners, and 1 pyramid handrail bracket.   

Note: Height is 36" measured from the floor to the top of Inline Design's round or square handrails. Side mounted posts are designed to be installed 1" below the edge of your surface. 

Note: The bottom of the post is unfinished.  Some customers opt to purchase an end cap to cover the open tube.


Visit our showroom for a complete look at the Miami Square system. 

Installation instructions:

 Swageless Tensioner PDF         Swageless Terminal PDF  

 Installation YouTube Video


Engineering specifications: 

 Miami Specs

* Due to the variety of floor surfaces, customers must supply the connecting hardware for the base, i.e. screws, bolts, anchor bolts, etc.

Cable and hand rail must be purchased separately.  Inline Design tubes are available here.




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