Stairs Details

In order to better assist you in designing the railing of your stairs, we are going to need some dimensions as described in the diagram below.

In addition, we need photos of the stairs to better visualize your project. One photo should show all of the steps.

The angle can be calculated using an angle finder app on your phone. The iPhone comes built in with the Compass app to calculate the angle How to use the angle finder on your iPhone. For Android/Google phone users we recommend this app Clinometer + bubble level

Please send us this information by email to or by fax to (866) 864 0608.

CAD drawings will be provided for custom stairs projects.  Inline Design also makes available information about placing stair posts and installing the railing to ensure proper alignment. 

The stairs information needed is the following:

  1. Unit Run (without the nose size)
  2. Unit Rise
  3. Total Run
  4. Total Rise
  5. Total Length
  6. Nose Size
  7. Angle


Thank you,

Inline Design

Note: The unit is inches