Tips on Choosing the Best Deck Designs to Match Your Property

The exterior of a property should be as carefully considered as the interior when it comes to renovating a space. Deck design goes beyond aesthetic requirements for your property, as the style of this area can clash or complement with your interiors, so choosing something to suit both your tastes and functional requirements is an important step before building your decking area.


Another important factor to consider in deck design is the maintenance and durability of the materials and area you plan to use. Will they be fit for purpose in a few years? Is your decking area suitable for your family needs? These are all questions you may ask when implementing deck design into your exterior space. When building a new deck, it’s easy to focus solely on its style, but there are other things to consider. Take a look at some of the ways to choose the best deck to match your property, personality, and style.


cable railing deck

Function and practicality of decking

There are many reasons to install a decked area into your exterior space. Decking is perfect for outside entertaining or providing the perfect transition from your interior to exterior. It can also give you an outside in feeling with your garden space. Determining the functionality of deck railing can also be determined by your family dynamics. For families with smaller children, glass railing may be more suitable for decked areas over a certain height from the ground. For example, on raised terraces or balconies.


Create space

Deck design is ideal for creating extra space, or the illusion of it. If you already have a large garden, a decked area can complement your garden space with sophisticated design. For smaller exteriors, decking can help create the illusion of more space in your garden. Smaller areas can benefit from natural-looking decks that work with the surroundings whilst complementing the design with deck railing. Deck railing systems offer unobtrusive options so the area doesn’t appear cramped or restricted.

Choosing the best materials

When choosing the best materials for your deck design, it’s a good idea to think about future maintenance and replacement costs. These costs can mount up over time so choosing a low maintenance option can save time and money in the long term. A great way to implement design and practical materials is by installing deck-railing systems. There is a range of choices from stainless steel cable railing or glass railing that offer good quality materials that can match your property’s architectural style. Materials such as stainless steel offer corrosion resistance, durability, and easy cleaning, making it an ideal choice for decking designs.


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Complementing your exterior and interior style

Matching style and aesthetics is key to complementing your property so choosing decking and deck railing that coordinates with your property creates the foundations for your design ideas. For traditional settings, deck railing matched with natural wood is a great way to incorporate into a garden or landscaped area. For properties featuring modern and contemporary style, pairing stainless steel cable railing or glass railing offers a sleek, industrial aesthetic.

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Admiring the view

Decking and deck railing is an ideal choice for properties that have spectacular views. The use of a railing system offers unrestricted barriers and beautiful fluidity between your property and the surroundings. Cable and glass railing are both fantastic materials that complement a range of decking areas. The unobtrusive nature of deck railing paired with its robust and secure structure creates a safe space, without the confines of obstructive barriers.


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