Ways to Achieve Sustainability and Statement Style with Cable Railing

In recent years the number of people choosing to lead a sustainable lifestyle has increased dramatically, and this isn’t a passing fad. With the emphasis on green living and eco-friendly options, choosing home and interiors solutions to meet these requirements has never been so important. Of course, a prerequisite of many property renovations and remodels has to incorporate individual style and unique aesthetic, so balancing these two desires is made simple by the implementation of cable railing. Enhancing a property with innovative design and understated style is one of the top features of this railing solution. It also boasts eco-friendly properties for people that are striving to incorporate green choices into their lives.

So what makes stainless steel cable railing the perfect option for eco-friendly style? Take a look at why it is an effective way to create visual appeal while managing sustainability requirements.

Recyclable materials

Cable railing is generally made from stainless steel, which is one of the most recycled materials across the globe. Not only does it look stylish and contemporary for any home, but it is also one of the easiest metals to reprocess. The beauty of this material is that any grade of steel can be recycled so there is little wastage throughout the production process.

Strong and durable

Stainless steel railing options also offer durable and weather resistant solutions for a range of outdoor decking and balcony areas. Due to its strong composition, it is also corrosion resistant and easy to maintain which helps to keep it looking as good as its first installation. Due to the nature of its longevity, this reduces the requirement to replace the structure in its entirety. Changing elements of it such as replacement cables, clamps or brackets help to keep costs down and prevents the primary structure ending up in a landfill after a few years.

Low maintenance means fewer chemicals

Often when you choose traditional solutions such as fencing or wood features, they require extensive upkeep and refinishing regularly to make them look presentable. This, in turn, requires varnishes and chemicals to clean and recoat the surface of the material. If you choose cable railing in this instance, you will avoid the need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning or maintaining its appearance. Just a spray with water or gentle eco-friendly cleaning agents can help lift off any weather-based residue. Stainless steel also helps to prevent any residual impact on your surrounding environment and leaves the area clean and safe for the family to enjoy.

Achieving statement style couldn’t be easier, and with the bonus of green living incorporated into your interior or exterior design, you’ll have added peace of mind when integrating this design. Take a look at why stainless steel cable railing is perfect for understated yet innovative style.  

Bringing the outside in

To complement your passion for the environment, cable railing not only boasts eco-friendly properties but blends beautifully into the landscape so you can make the most of the natural views. The unobtrusive design allows maximum light and air to flow freely throughout the space and reduces the need for artificial light or air conditioning especially during the summer months. The fluidity of design also provides the perfect way to transition your central themes into your exterior spaces without barriers or obstructions breaking up the aesthetics.

Creating more space

If you have a smaller green living space that takes advantage of energy-efficiency and affordable living, incorporating cable railing is an ideal option to help you open up your interior areas. Its simple yet functional style creates a distinctive look, which makes the most of the natural light in your property. Rather than creating divisions in rooms, this type of railing solution gives you a chance to focus on open-plan living and soaking up the free flow of air and natural spaces created by your internal features.

Classic style that never goes out of fashion

For those that have chosen to incorporate sustainable features, integrating investment design is a key aspect of green living. Cable railing provides this integral aesthetic that retains its appeal and style for many years. Its durable yet straightforward features can be altered slightly with small changes over time, but the presence of its structure is something that can be enjoyed for years to come. Longevity is a key aspect of sustainable living, and this interior and exterior solution offers this in abundance.

So if you’re looking to achieve unique features affordably, investing in stainless steel cable railing is the perfect home design choice.  


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